The Pokemon TCG Apex Mystery Box Bundle created by TCGBooth is a mystery box that contains a minimum of 40 cards and a single sealed booster pack.

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It comes with 30 Pokemon TCG cards from any set released from 2017 and forward. The 30 card pack contains no energy cards or online code cards. There can be a maximum of 3 trainers in the 30 card pack as well. The 30 cards come separately in a sealed tight package.

The random 10-card booster pack can be any booster pack from a set released in 2017 and forward. The booster pack is factory sealed and a standard ‘loose’ 10-card pack.

The Apex Mystery Box comes with 3 vintage 1998-2000 Pokemon TCG cards from the base set. These cards are guaranteed to be in near mint/mint condition. The three vintage cards have the possibility to be uncommon, common, rares, and holographic. The vintage cards do not contain energy cards or trainer cards (unless the trainer is a foil).

There is a possibility with every Apex Mystery box to contain one vintage rare holographic, which is included in the guaranteed three vintage cards. Chase Rate: 10%

There is also a chance to receive up to 3 ultra rare and secret rare single cards. These cards are included in the guaranteed 30 card pack. Chase Rate: 15% per each card.

Finally, the pack can contain up to 5 reverse holo cards which are included in the guaranteed 30 card pack. Chase Rate: 25% per each card.

Any Ultra Rare/Secret Rare, Vintage Rare card received will come in a sleeve and a top loader.

The Apex Mystery Box Bundle does not contain energy cards and has a maximum of 3 trainer cards.